About SIS

The SIS Chair is Professor
Doctor of ScienceYuri N. Matveev,
Chief Reseacher of STC-Innovations
Ltd. and head of multimodal
biometrics research at
Speech Technology Center,
ISCA and IEEE member.
SIS started awarding Masters degrees in Speech Information Systems in 2011 (program number 09.04.02).
The Master’s degree program aims to train professionals in the research and design of technologies for speech recognition and synthesis, voice biometrics and multimodal biometrics, and in the design and development of software and information systems.
Enrollment in the program is carried out according to ITMO University regulations.
Speech Technology Center (STC) is an international leader in speech technology and multimodal biometrics. It has over 20 years of research, development and implementation experience in Russia and internationally.
STC is a leading global provider of innovative systems in high-quality recording, audio and video processing and analysis, speech synthesis and recognition, and in real-time, high-accuracy voice and facial biometrics. STC innovations are used in both public and commercial sectors, from small expert laboratories, to large, distributed contact centers, to nation-wide security systems.