Joint PhD (Co-Tutelle)

A Joint PhD (or co-tutelle) is a joint doctoral supervision agreement through which a student pursues doctoral studies at two universities, satisfying each institution’s admission and degree requirements, and having a thesis supervisor at each institution. The student receives a single degree from both universities, with the final transcript stating that the degree was obtained under a joint, or co-tutelle, agreement.

 Objectives of the Joint PhD Program

The Joint PhD Program has the following benefits:

  • facilitates international research for doctoral candidates, provide access to state-of-the-art research equipment in two countries/institutions;
  • provides a mechanism by which to enhance co-operation and collaboration between researchers and institutions;
  • supports the recruitment of high caliber international students to research training programs.

As the minimum requirement for the Joint PhD Program, the student’s partner institution must be of comparable academic standard to ITMO University. A joint statement of confirmation must be made by Deans (or officers of higher rank) of the participating institutions.

Language of Instruction

Instruction shall normally be in the language of instruction at each institution. The candidate must therefore be able to meet Russian proficiency requirements (for ITMO University) and language proficiency requirements at the partner institution.

Thesis Examination

The thesis for the Joint PhD Program is to be submitted as a monograph in Russian, with an abstract in English. The thesis may also be submitted in English for the partner university. The English and Russian versions will have a common part, but they will also have non-overlapping contents. An oral thesis defense of the thesis is required.

 Awarding of degree

Graduating doctoral candidates will be awarded a “Candidate of Science” degree (kandidat nauk) from ITMO University and a Doctor of Philosophy from the partner institution. Both degree certificates will clearly indicate that the degree has been awarded in the framework of a Joint PhD (co-tutelle) agreement.