Skolkovo Project

The Department of Speech Information Systems (SIS)SIS is conducting several research projects concentrating on the development and implementation of biometric systems based on Artificial Intelligence and speech technologies. These projects are led by STC-innovations Ltd. and are supported by the Skolkovo Foundation (

The aim is to develop a multimodal biometric system based on pattern recognition—of voice and facial characteristics.

SIS focuses on the following research areas:

  1. Applying state of the art functionality to speaker identification
  • Developing automated, language-independent, accent-independent and dialect-independent methods for voice and speech analysis
  • Applying formant trajectories as speech characteristics and applying methods based on Gaussian mixture models and signal notation within “total variability” space

2. Facilitating the shift to multimodal biometric systems:

  • neither of biometric modalities can be used  in case of working with database of 2000 persons

3. Algorithmic core creation on the basis of artificial intelligence principals for concurrent processing of media-data of different types in real-time mode.

Specific R&D activities and objectives include:

  • Studying mathematical foundations of algorithms in order to combine two or more biometric modalities
  • Developing a numercal technique to analyze (and compare) the performance of biometric identification systems
  • Developing high-performance search algorithms that work in combination with biometric modalities
  •  Developing a methodology for comparing voice patterns based on the use of support vector machines
  •  Developing algorithms and software for the automatic segmentation and quality assessment of speech signals
  • Developing language-independent speaker identification by analyzing spectral characteristics of conversational speech

About the Skolkovo Foundation

The Skolkovo Foundation, overseeing the creation of The Skolkovo Innovation Center (New Technologies Development and Commercialization Center), is a non-profit organization established on the initiative of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in September 2010. The Foundation’s objective is to mobilize Russian resources in applied research, to create a positive environment for research and development in five high priority directions: energy efficiency, space, biomedicine, nuclear and information technologies. The project brings together the Skolkovo Institute for Science and Technology (SINT), research institutes, a business incubator, a technology transfer and commercialization center, representative offices of foreign companies and start-up labs, as well as residential and social infrastructure. The project also focuses on establishing the same innovative and supportive research atmosphere in other regions of Russia. The Skolkovo Innovation Center is subject to a special law which provides financial support to companies and inhabitants recognized as residents.